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“At Heartland Pets, our first and foremost objective is the health, happiness and well being of our adopted pets and their new parents. Their care and well being is the utmost priority. We follow our veterinarians protocol, advice and recommendations.

SHOOT YOUR ASHES INTO SPACE (LIKE A JERK!) There’s still a lot we don’t know about space it’s very vast which is probably why it feels so mystical to fart into the void by shooting our ashes into its infinite, starry horizons. Sure, go ahead and pollute something as untouched as SPACE with the remains of your mortality. There are a few companies (Memorial Spaceflights and Elysium Space, for example) that’ll send your ashes into deep space, or to a permanent resting place on the moon, or into Earth’s orbit, where they’ll eventually re enter the atmosphere and vaporize like a shooting star.

The best cheap Indian restaurant near campus, Naan ‘n’ Curry has good food served in large portions for relatively little money. Although the a la carte dishes are more expensive like the delicious prawn masala ($10) it is a better deal to buy a combo dish. For example, $6 buys you a generously proportioned dish of channa masala, samosa, and naan or rice..

Not traditional, but never Cheap hockey Jerseys boring.For dessert, we continued on our tempura tear, with a legit tempura fried green tea ice cream ($4.50). It was properly crispy outside and soft within, making it easy to get dairy and crust in each spoonful. Tempura fried cheesecake was similarly successful.

Several factors are involved while planning a holiday vacations for your desired location. Most of the peoples are loaded with sever work pressure, therefore planning for a short vacation away from the hassles of life is needed so much these days that we can go to any lengths for that. Planning a trip to explore what the continent of Asia has stored for travelers from the mystical land and plethora of natural beauties to beautiful landscape, from idyllic sea resorts to rolling hills, from lush green forests to gentle breezes showering aroma of spices and flowers.

It seems to me, if the logic is followed, that the racists are the ones who reported the stories. Let’s take the Marion Barry story that appeared in the Washington Examiner and the ultra liberal Huffington Post. Here’s what Barry said:. I won’t go into the specific politics of it, but I will go into the impact it is having on the health care crisis in general. It’s making it worse. Like anything, putting off tackling the health care crisis ensures that when we finally get around to doing something about it, the costs are even higher.

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